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PPC Management

Data-Driven PPC Management

Make your pitch-perfect

PPC advertising services drive greater traffic to your website to increase sales by displaying ads for your business search engine results page (SERP).

Our marketing experts at 29i Technologies can help you to identify keywords and phrases to identify your business in the consumer’s search results.

We build an effective PPC advertising campaign for your business by targeting not only keywords and phrases, but also consumers online at a certain time of day in a particular geographic location.

Google Ads or AdWords is an essential platform for creating and launching your search engine based PPC strategy content.

Google Ads management professionals make your paid search marketing campaigns a success.

At 29i Technologies, we manage your Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) account, targeting the keywords that will drive buyers to your site. Highly focused keyword research will determine the most cost-effective approach to obtaining customers searching for precisely what you offer. 

We will develop effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale or lead, utilising powerful research tools and industry experience. By investing in Google Ads, you will help highly eager buyers find your site who wouldn’t necessarily find it through traditional (organic) search engine optimisation techniques.

Pay Per Click

PPC advertising works on the basis of identifying keywords and phrases relevant to your business that are used in Google searches by your targeted audience.

Your business can bid at auction to appear in an advertisement at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) whenever your keywords and phrases are entered into a search engine.

PPC advertising works by directly connecting the consumer’s Google search with the website for your business as an advertised solution that they can click upon to meet their needs faster.